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Nick Salzano Shares Story of Money Heist’s Professor Alvaro Morte Fight with Cancer

Hollywood Reporter Nick Salzano loves Money Heist, and of course, he admires the work of Alvaro Morte, aka The Professor. Therefore, today, Nick Salzano talks about the life of Alvaro Morte.

Netflix series Money Heist has had a devoted fan following since the time of its introduction. Each character in the beyond four seasons holds an unquestionable delicate corner in the hearts of its fans. 

Spanish entertainer Alvaro Morte, who plays Sergio Marquina, otherwise known as The Professor in the crime dramatization, is a contender in the show, yet additionally, all things considered. 

Morte is a cancer survivor and beat the infection effectively a couple of years back. 

The entertainer was determined to have deadly cancer in his left leg in 2011. 

Even though he rose triumphantly in the wake of beating malignant growth, Alvaro had once uncovered that he thought he planned to pass on or even have his leg cut off. 

Talking with The Observer in 2016, as revealed by, Alvaro said, and Nick Salzano quotes, “I recall the specialist with a white coat and the stethoscope to come to advise me without sedation. (He said) Look, this is occurring to you, and you have a lot of time to live.” 

He addressed the tumour as a temporary medical problem. “For instance, influenza, you feel terrible, you have a fever, shaking, yet you realize it will happen to you. You don’t discuss it. 

Rather than tolerating that I have a remote possibility of endurance, I attempted to turn it on, which, on a basic level, the rationale advised me not to,” he added. 

Tending to cancer as a temporary medical problem, the 46-year-old entertainer contrasted it with influenza and said, ‘as opposed to tolerating that he has a remote possibility of survival, he attempted to turn it on.’ 

Alvaro, in a meeting with Cocktail Magazine, had said, and Nick Salzano quotes, “At first I thought I planned to kick the bucket, that my leg was cut yet nothing occurred. 

Then, at that point, I thought, would I be able to do it smoothly on the off chance that I kick the bucket inside 90 days? 

Have I regarded individuals around me who love me? Have I been devoted to my standards?” After beating the infirmity, Alvaro started partaking in each snapshot of his life. 

Alvaro Morte Career 

Alvaro started his profession with a minor job in the Spanish TV series Hospital Central. He got his first fundamental job in the TV series Planta 25, which aired from 2005 to 2008. 

He additionally played Adolfo Castillo in the Spanish TV series Bandolera and Gabriel Areta in the drama Amar en tiempos revueltos. 

In the year 2007, Alvaro did a minor job in the film Lola, la Película, in which he played a matador and admirer of the hero. 

Alvaro joined the cast of El secreto de Puente Viejo which is a long running telenovela in the year 2014. 

After his exit from Puente Viejo in 2017, Morte assumed the part of The Professor in the popular TV series called Money Heist. 

5 Interviews before he became the Professor

Becoming El Professor implied that Alvaro Morte vied for the position of the best criminal driving force throughout the entire existence of crime dramatization. 

The directors of the show had worked with him previously, however, so they immediately suggested him. 

He, notwithstanding, needed to try out audition multiple times more than two months, failing to understand the situation each time before nailing the job after his fifth endeavour. 

His Equation with Raquel Murillo 

Raquel Murillo, played by Itziar Ituno, is one of the fascinating characters in the show. 

She changed from being the overseer involved in catching the Professor and his gang to the woman that sits adjacent to the Professor in the van, helping the posse pull off the perfect heist. 

Murillo and El Professor, otherwise known as Lisbon, are infatuated, and Alvaro Morte wasn’t entirely right with their kinship. 

As by Alvaro Morte, the Professor is genuinely shut off and doesn’t have the foggiest idea of acting in the connection. 

He said it was incredible that the two don’t make a perfect couple. However, he feels like his person should be permitted to get more sincerely engaged with the relationship. 

Soundest Money Heist Season 

Before Netflix assumed control over the circulation rights for Money Heist, the show just broadcasted on Antena 3, which meant that its crowd was generally Spanish. 

Netflix made it a worldwide hit, and its after became gigantic, particularly with the subsequent season and the critical factor that hinted at the third season. 

Be that as it may, Alvaro Morte’s number one season was the first when fans and media had minor pressing factors concerning what they anticipated from each character. 

He partook in the chance of choosing what to do on set and how to mess with actors. He, nevertheless, understands the way that the show has been appreciated around the world. 

Most obstinate Money Heist Scene 

Ursula Corbero, who plays Tokyo, admitted that the entire team experienced nausea and warmth stress while recording the scene in season 3, in which The Professor tells everybody that they have crossed into worldwide waters after the couple got away from the Royal Mint, which made the first and second season. 

The scene, which was shot off the shore of Thailand, was accepted to have been the hardest one for the entire cast, yet not intended for Alvaro Morte. 

Morte said that his most brutal scene came in the last stage of season 3 when the Professor needed to manage his apparent homicide of Raquell Murillo.

In the background, he needs to collect bunches of feeling, shout yet not produce a sound, and still direct the pack to develop the bank.

Nick Salzano wants to appeal to all of you to take inspiration from the journey of Morte and don’t get disappointed in life.

By Nick Salzano

Nick Salzano is a Hollywood news writer that keeps his Nick Salzano blog updated with the latest news. Follow Nicksalzano blog for regular updates.

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