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Nick Salzano Discusses Britney Spears’ Relationship with Her Dad is full of Ups and downs

Brtiney was put under court-supported guardianship in February 2008. 

Britney and her father have a complicated relationship. Jamie stepped in at a time in Britney’s life when she seemed clueless against hunters looking to abuse her for monetary profit. 

She dropped her arranged second Vegas residency, Britney: Domination, in January 2019 after her father was hospitalized for a ruptured colon. “We’re all appreciative to such an extent that he emerged from it alive. 

I needed to settle on the troublesome choice to put my complete focus and energy on my family right now. I trust all of you can comprehend,” she composed through Instagram at that point.” 

Different sources solely advised us in September 2019 that police reacted to Jamie’s California townhouse the month earlier after he got into a contention with his grandson Sean Preston and “shook” the then-13-year-old. 

Britney’s ex Kevin Federline got a restraining request against Jamie that denied his previous dad-in-law from drawing close to Preston or the last couple’s best child, Jayden.

While the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office declined to record child abuse accusations against Jamie, the episode split apart Britney and her father and drove Federline to adjust his ex’s custodial time. 

During her break from the spotlight, Britney turned out to be more engaged with her conservatorship. In August 2020, she recorded court archives expressing that she was “unequivocally against” Jamie being the conservator of her individual and legacy. 

She mentioned that Montgomery, who briefly supplanted Jamie after his November 2019 wellbeing alarm, forever managed Britney’s issues. She likewise asked that a “qualified corporate guardian” assume responsibility for her cash. Regardless of his girl’s solicitations, Jamie has kept on battling to remain looking into the issue. 

In December 2020, Jamie said in an interview: I had not been “friendly” with Britney since that August, that same month, she said she was “against” his job. “I love my little girl, and I definitely miss her,” he told the power source. 

“At the point when a relative requires special consideration and insurance, families need to move forward, as I have accomplished for the last 12 or more years, to defend, secure and keep on adoring Britney unequivocally. 

I have and will keep on giving enduring adoration and wild security against those with self-serving interests and the individuals who look to hurt her or my family.” 

Brtiney has shared her side of the story regarding her dad’s job in her conservatorship fight interestingly during a June 2021 court hearing.

“It’s my desire and my fantasy for this to end,” Britney told the adjudicator, directing the consultation, which she went to basically. “I’ve lied and told the entire world I’m OK, and I’m cheerful. 

On the off chance that I said that enough, perhaps I’d become cheerful. I’m in shock. I’m damaged. I’m so angry, and it’s crazy.” 

By Nick Salzano

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